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Coffee "Trevi" packaging design.
Coffee "Trevi"
Ice-cream "Bisquit"
Ice-cream packaging design.
Logo, illustrations and packaging design for ice-cream "Cafe Glace".
Ice-cream "Cafe Glace"
Ice-cream "Pistachio"
Packaging design for ice-cream "Pistachio".
"Ice Club". Naming, logo design and packaging design for ice-cream.
"Ice Club" ice-cream
Energy-efficient lamps "Supermax"
Logo creating. Packaging design for energy-efficient lamps ТМ "Supermax".
Packaging design for bakery dough.
Bakery dough
Chocolate bars "Milk-Mix"
TM name creation. Logo, illustrations, packaging design for range of kids’ chocolate bars.
Packaging design for energy-efficient lamps ТМ "Economka".
Energy-efficient lamps "Economka"
Crab sticks ТМ "GRANTA"
ТМ "GRANTA". TM name creation (frozen food). Creating illustrations, packaging design for crab sticks.
Ice cream "Rendezvous", "Flamenco" packaging design. Design, logos, illustrations, DTP etc
Ice cream "Rendezvous", "Flamenco"
"Standard" and "Maestro" ice cream
Packaging design for ice cream "Standard" and "Maestro". Design and creation of illustrations, DTP etc
Packaging design for healthy nutrition range (pectin, dietary supplements etc) based on natural cellulose. Creation of illustrations-descriptors.
Health food products based on natural cellulose
"Plombir" and "Galaxy" ice cream
Creation of corporate characters for "3 Bears" company. Packaging design for "Plombir" and "Galaxy" ice cream.
Ice-cream packaging design.
"Mosaic" and "Super" ice-cream
Pelmeni "Aksiya"
Creation of name for ravioli TM ("Aktsiya" means "bargain sale"). Logo, packaging design.
"Bukhta-Barakhta". Creation of TM name. Logo and illustrations creation. Packaging design for snacks range.
Creation of TM name. Logo creation, packaging design for juice and fruit pieces mix.
Packaging design for food additives range. TM "Mivina".
TM "Mivina"
«Kstati…»  (Handy)
This original and interest-raising name, that fits its product perfectly, was created for a range of packaged peanuts. Package design for the whole range of products.
"Frutto-Letto" – successfully created name for new ice cream TM. Packaging design for 3 SKUs range.
TM "Granta"
Creation of name and logo. Creation of illustrations and packaging design for frozen prawns range.